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Resuming the spooning

Resuming the spooning

05 January 2017
2 minutes

I’m picking up a photography project that I let slide for a bit too long. I started a new job and put things like that on the back burner. After stressing for a while that I suddenly didn’t have any active projects, I started three on one weekend.

My previous projects have always been linear projects, usually presented in a book, where I’d create something or perform tasks, recording the results. I’ve always seen it as part-performance and part-documentary. For this new project I’m dealing with measurements, specifically the heaped teaspoon. I love this measurement because it’s less of an exact measure and more of a challenge; if a recipe asks for three heaped teaspoons then I like to try and really hard. To that end, I have been visiting my friends kitchens with my Bronica SQA and rolls of Velvia 120 and challenging myself to create the most impressive heaped teaspoons imaginable. Here is one example:

Sugar cubes]

That’s 23 sugar cubes. I’ll also be photographing granulated sugar, to demonstrate which is better. There’s a few more photographs after the break.


I did set fire to the floor during this one but it wouldn’t be a challenge if there wasn’t danger.

Strawberry Laces]

This is multiple strawberry laces, all painstakingly melted onto each other to form one giant lace. Then twirled around. It is quite satisfying.

I have a long list of other things I want to photograph in this project.