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Mark is an anxiety-riddled hermit of a man, working his life away in a windowless office, spending his free time eating pizza in front of the television with his only companion and best friend, a ginger cat he found in his garden and dubbed Falafel.

Falafel the Cat goes missing, leaving Mark with the daunting prospect of searching the streets of London for his furry friend. Will Mark find Falafel? Will he talk to any humans? Will he even make it out of his own front door?


My book exists a wonderfully printed paperback that's currently out of print. You might find some stockists on Amazon. I will eventually figure out a shop for this website to enable to purchase prints on demand. The book's RRP is £10.00.

Print edition ISBN: 978-0957324602

Kindle eBook

Falafel The Cat is also available as a Kindle eBook. You can read these on Kindle devices, computers, phones and tablets. I have spent the time building the eBook from scratch; this isn't just a simple conversion. All the fold-outs are scanned and read well even on the e-ink screen. The lovely polaroids of Falafel are there on every chapter and look great. The book is priced around the £3.00 mark and is available in all territories. I have enabled lending, previews and KindleUnlimited.

Store links: Amazon UK, Amazon USA or search for "Falafel The Cat" on your local Amazon or Kindle device.

eBook ISBN: 978-0957324619, Amazon ASIN: B00RK81NCY


This is a self-published book. If you are interested in stocking the paperback, please contact Steve. I welcome all feedback!