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My little website now uses WordPress

18 May 2015
4 minutes

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t any more.

My little vanity-website has been through many changes. I’ve found that the way to get the most enjoyment of it and to make sure that it remains active, is to make it easy for me to update and to make sure the design isn’t too strong. This website has had some hideous designs over the years, all of which I thought were beautiful at the time and all of which put me off from ever using it.

I’ve had this very basic design for a little over a year now and I don’t hate it. I’ve actually added content which is quite a big deal for me, I usually get cross and redo the entire thing each time I want to add a new project.

However, the blog has been difficult. I first made the decision to point the blog subdomain to Tumblr. I did this in anticipation of my dinosaur project going viral and causing me a horrendous bandwidth bill; I was right about that, the dinosaur project was hugely popular and if I had hosted all of those photographs on this little server the internet would have certainly hugged it...
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